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Pictures can say a thousand words, but music has the potential to say so much more. For Memphis based artist RobenX, his Southern-influenced Crunk has evolved from an avenue of escape into a platform for expression, and to voice support for change. 


Born with albinism, a congenital disorder characterized by complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin, it led to Robdarius often being bullied on account of his appearance. Left sad and dejected, it was his mother who encouraged him to channel his pain into music. This was the birth of RobenX, an alter ego that became the breeding ground for feelings of self-confidence, self-worth and self-acceptance. 


Combining different styles of Crunk, RobenX's music is all about connecting with listeners through infectiously weighty beats. Utilizing thought-provoking lyrical flows akin to influential performers such as Kendrick Lamar, and Tech N9ne, his instantly recognizable sound spreads a message that uniqueness should be embraced not objectified. For him, music is about being able to share his pain with the world in hope of healing others and making sure no child feels alone on this planet. 


He is currently forming partnerships with the United Nations and other nonprofits to spread his message of treating others with dignity and respect across the globe. His success as an anti-bullying advocate is matched by his musical talents. 


His latest piece of work, 'The Mental Interlude', have propelled his talents into the limelight and is currently at 80k streams on Spotify alone. His next release is a change of pace for the artist. 'The Colors Of Olleh', a Children’s book written by RobenX and illustrated by Teiyonna Douglas, is out on September1st.

Children's Book (Pre Order Sept. 1)


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All Videos

All Videos
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RobenX Pure ft. Steven Gray: Audio Performance

RobenX Pure ft. Steven Gray: Audio Performance

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RobenX At Bluff City Fair.

RobenX At Bluff City Fair.

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RobenX At The Cooper Young Festival

RobenX At The Cooper Young Festival

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