Robdarius Brown can attest that riches don’t always come in the form of money. For him, they appeared in the form of self-confidence, self-worth, and acceptance of his unique identity. This young, vibrant 19-year old, born in Memphis, TN, has albinism, a congenital disorder characterized by complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin. As a child, he was often bullied because of his appearance. At one point, he was severely attacked with a bat and knocked unconscious. Saddened and dejected, Rodarius considered taking his own life. Rob's mother served as a source of refuge, love, support, and consolation. It was she who encouraged him to channel his pain into music after discovering his interest. Music initially served an avenue to escape from the world. He even created an alter ego - Roben X. He became the person he wished everyone would see and love if they stopped focusing on the lack of color in his skin. Roben X gave Robdarius the confidence to stand up for himself and others. Being bullied, feeling like a freak, and allowing people to mistreat him was no longer acceptable. He began to define who he was and express himself through music, performing at community and school talent shows. He even found himself in the principal’s office a few times for trying to help other students who were being bullied! Now an adult, RobenX has expanded his platform. He is a music artist, model, anti-bullying advocate and albinism advocate. He boldly stands in the forefront to help others recognize how their actions impact others. Everyone deserved to be respected and uniqueness should be embraced not objectified and ridiculed. Roben X has been blessed to share his mission on several stages and in media. In 2018, he traveled to Geneva, Switzerland to speak and perform at the United Nations during their Human Rights Day Celebration. He has received special recognition from the Mayor of Memphis, Jim Strickland, for his Albinism Advocacy. Roben X has also been applauded as a Human Right Champion by Stand Up for Human Rights. He is currently forming partnerships with the United Nations and other nonprofits to spread his message of treating others with dignity and respect across the globe. Roben X loves to engage with fans whether it's through words or songs. His music is the place where hip hop and rock meet with infectious beats and meaningful lyrics that make people feel good about who they are. Robdarius once questioned why he was born and why God made him this way. Roben X allowed him to answer those questions, "I was born to speak out against bullying, build awareness about albinism, and share my love for music with the world!”

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